Venture capital investments

Are you a VC fund or do you work in M&A transactions? 

On ContrAxs, the preparation and execution of contract negotiations as well as the management and analysis of investments and shareholder agreements is easier than ever before. 

Preparation of the negotiations

Create contract generators with standard formulations for preparatory agreements such as non-disclosure agreements, data process agreements or term sheets. You can customize these in minutes and have them signed immediately. Using our intuitive generator engine, it is even possible to incorporate a complex shareholder agreement into a contract generator.

Contract Generator
Contract management collaboration

Negotiation of the shareholding agreement

Upload the draft of your shareholding agreement to the ContrAxs Collaboration Room. There you can negotiate the content of the contract and all attachments together with the other party in real time and without time-consuming e-mail traffic. Tools are available for translation, versioning and blocking of already negotiated content as well as application/acceptance, chat and video conferencing functions.

Management and Analysis

Once the participation agreement has been negotiated and the conclusion of the contract has been notarised, Themis helps you manage and analyse your participations through automated visualisation of notice periods and milestone plans. In the future, Themis will keep your contracts up to date with the latest legal status at all times through automated risk and error analysis.

Contact management analysis
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