The legal software of the future

You want to digitalize your daily workflow and thus save time and money? Are you looking for a complete digital solution that automates your contract creation, legal analysis and contract management? 

ContrAxs offers you a digital ecosystem for your contracts and documents. 

Contract Preparation

Create contract generators for your firm's standard contracts using our intuitive generator engine. You and all other lawyers and employees of your law firm can use these to create individualized contracts for your clients. Programming knowledge is not necessary. This way, you can make regular work processes more efficient than ever.

Contract Generator
Contract management collaboration

Communication between all contracting parties and legal advisors

Finalize your documents through collaborative processing within your firm. Negotiate your contracts with your client and the other party in real time and without time-consuming e-mail traffic. If required, you can trigger and track an electronic signature of the contracts via our platform.

Management and Analysis

The contracts of your clients are typified and clearly presented with numerous contract information. In addition, ContrAxs recognizes and visualizes e.g. the contract duration and notice periods. In the future, you will also be able to access an automated legal analysis of your contracts so that you can incorporate current legal changes into your generators in a timely manner.

Contact management analysis
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