Recurring customer contracts 

Does your company use standard contracts for the legal representation of customer relationships? Are you, for example, a bank that often issues non-disclosure agreements but receives only a few signed within a reasonable period of time? 

With ContrAxs, you always have an overview of all contract processes and make it easy for your customers to sign contracts quickly and digitally. 

Contract Preparation

With the help of our generator engine you can develop contract generators from your customer contracts in simple, intuitive steps. Programming knowledge is not necessary. With these generators, all employees use the same standardized contract system and save valuable working time when creating your customer contracts. Your legal office is considerably relieved.

Contract Generator
Signature online and digital

Contract Signature

Your customers can then be invited to electronically sign their contracts on the ContrAxs platform and digitally sign them in a few moments. The data to prove the signature is stored securely and persistently on blockchain.

Contract Management

The organization of your contracts becomes very easy. ContrAxs contract management independently visualizes outstanding signatures as well as contract types, contract duration and notice periods. In the future, you will also be able to access an automated legal analysis of your contracts. In this way, you will always keep your standard contracts up to date with the current legal status.

Contact management analysis
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