Real Estate Industry

Do you rent, manage or buy and sell real estate?

As a real estate company or property management company, you can scale your business even faster with ContrAxs. The sustainable work processes on ContrAxs lead to an exponential increase in efficiency.

Automated document creation

Use ContrAxs generators to create complex, fully customized rental agreements or property purchase agreements in just 35 minutes. The manual effort used to average 80 minutes. The creation time is thus reduced by 56%. You can even individualize your standard residential rental agreements or modernization declarations in less than 5 minutes.

Contract Generator
Contract management collaboration

Negotiation and signature

Negotiate construction and real estate purchase contracts in our digital negotiation room. ContrAxs reduces both the number of negotiation steps and their duration by 40%. Service provider, rental contracts and modernization measures can also be digitally signed in seconds. Your paper consumption is cut in half and all parties immediately gain the security of a regulated situation.

Termination and deadline management

ContrAxs supports you even after the contract has been signed by automatically reading and visualizing relevant deadlines from your contracts. Get a clear overview of various contract data for large residential complexes or organize them in tables. Of course, you will also be informed in plenty of time about the expiry of deadlines. From moving in to termination - ContrAxs manages your contractual relationships for you.

Contact management analysis
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