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Do you want to digitize your daily workflow and thus save time and costs? You operate a platform for the creation of contract forms and are looking for a way to make your work more efficient?

ContrAxs automates your document processes and empowers you to develop modern scalable business concepts.

Automate document creation

Develop standardized and automated forms for the entire office based on your own contract drafts. Combine your contract texts with a question catalog. Whether it's a contract, a brief or a letter, your documents will be created automatically based on the answers provided by your colleagues and employees and adapted to the individual case. In the process, the document is perfectly formatted and inserted into your letterhead.

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Scale with on-demand legal services

You can use our forms not only within the law firm, but also share them with clients or publish them on your website. With ContrAxs, you can prepare your services in a modern, digital and automated way. Your clients can access an on-demand offer flexibly and at any time without any loss of quality. This way, you increase your market share and do not lose clients to (other) alternative legal service providers. Your law firm becomes a legal tech provider itself.

Negotiate contracts digitally

Trade negotiating contracts through email correspondence with up to 20 attachments and hundreds of comments for an automated process. ContrAxs guides you from private agreement with the client to changes in the contract text with the other party to an agreement on the contract content. Every change is recorded in a traceable manner. You will never have to review contracts again for unwanted changes. Depending on your needs, you can trigger and monitor a digital signature at the end of the negotiation or release the contract, including the negotiation process, to a notary.

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