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Are you inundated with contract inquiries from other departments? You hardly have time for individual case research? Or do operational departments such as purchasing and sales create their own contracts without your influence?

With ContrAxs you maintain control over all legal processes in your company at all times and can manage them easily, efficiently and sustainably. You scale at the same pace as the rest of your company with just a few resources.

On-demand contract creation

Use ContrAxs forms to create individualized contracts, perfectly formatted to your company's specifications, in an average of just 15 minutes. Previously, manual effort averaged 60 minutes across all contract types. This reduces the creation time by 75%. You can even customize your standard NDAs or employment contracts in less than 5 minutes. You can also make the forms you design available to colleagues. This means that your company's specialist departments can access on-demand contracts flexibly and at any time without any loss of quality.

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Manage contract processes

When negotiating complex supplier or service provider contracts, our negotiation room guides you through a structured process. ContrAxs reduces both the number of negotiation steps and their duration by 40%. By digitally signing your contracts, your paper consumption is cut in half and all parties immediately gain the certainty of a settled issue. Use our workflow management to control the overall processes you have defined for the creation, negotiation and signing of contracts. You can assign individual tasks to your colleagues and retain control over agile contract design by specialist departments via the approval process.

Termination and Deadline Management

ContrAxs also supports you after the conclusion of a contract by automatically reading out and visualizing relevant deadlines from your contracts. Have various contract data clearly summarized or tabulated. Of course, you will also be notified in good time of the expiry of deadlines. From the conclusion of a contract to its termination - ContrAxs manages your contractual relationships for you.

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