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Are you still printing and mailing employment contracts by mail or having the new employee come to your office for a simple contract signature? Do you store employment contracts in file folders or in a simple cloud storage?

With ContrAxs you can digitize your existing employment contracts using OCR technology. In the future, you can have new contracts automatically created, signed and, if necessary, terminated.

Automated document creation

HR departments access a complete, personalized standard contract with ContrAxs. ContrAxs increases employee productivity and reduces errors by up to 75%. NDAs, standard employment contracts or target agreements are individualized in less than 5 minutes. Complex, fully individualized employment contracts can be created in just 10 minutes. The manual effort here used to average 50 minutes. The creation time is reduced by 80%

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Digital signature and workflow management

With the digital signature, the contracts created can be signed electronically by all parties within minutes. Printing and mailing become obsolete. This is not only a cost-effective but also a sustainable alternative to the previous approach, as paper consumption is halved and CO2-intensive mailing is replaced. Finally, combine the creation of employment contracts and their signatures by all parties into a guided overall process (workflow). If required, it is possible to incorporate review processes. This means that contracts are only sent to the new employee or signed once you have approved the contract.

Termination and deadline management

ContrAxs also supports you after the contract has been signed by automatically reading out and visualizing the notice periods of your employees and other contract data from your contracts. The contract data for the entire workforce is clearly summarized or broken down into tables, as required. Of course, Themis also alerts you in good time to the expiry of notice periods. Combine the deadline analysis with the creation and signature of notices. This saves you valuable time on trivial tasks. From hiring to termination - ContrAxs manages your personnel decisions for you.

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