BlockAxs offers the digital & sustainable Contract Management of the future.

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ContrAxs Vertragsmanagement innovativ

Your benefits with our platform

  • 5 times faster than manual contract creation
  • collaboration instead of hundreds of emails
  • Reduce information asymmetry
  • Significant decrease of your staff costs
  • Artificial intelligence instead of manual contract management
  • 10 times more cost-effective and faster than manual signature process
  • Digital solution instead of several tons of paper annually
  • The legal experience you really like

Let your contracts work for you!

Digital Contract management

With ContrAxs you can quickly and digitally create, negotiate, sign and manage all your contracts.

Artificial intelligence

Themis automates, visualizes and analyses your contracts. So a digital assistant is available to you at all times.

BlockAxs Toolbox

Storage on blockchain-technology

We store your digital contract data transparently and securely on blockchain.

No compromise on security

Privacy by Design, TLS/SSL encryption, KYC checks and two-factor authentication ensure the security of your data. Our application is hosted on German ISO 27001 certified servers.

Streamline contract work and get back to adding real value

44 % time savings in contract lifecycle process duration

Save up to 369.000 paper sheets per company

Initial costs amortised after 2nd contract creation

Would you also like to benefit from our innovative contract management?

ContrAxs Vertragsgenerator

ContrAxs enables you to create intelligent contracts!

ContrAxs simplifies the creation, editing, negotiation, signing and management of your contracts. All on one platform. 

ContrAxs turns your contracts into Smart Contracts!

Our generator engine guides both lawyers and legal staff of a company through the creation of contract generators in simple, intuitive steps. Using these generators, your employees can customize contract forms for clients and other contractors in minutes. 

All participating lawyers and contractual partners can negotiate their contracts together online and digitally in our ContrAxs Collaboration Room. Tools for translating documents, application/acceptance functions regarding individual clauses and video conferencing help you to reach an agreement. 

With our electronic signature you can sign contracts of our generators as well as your current contracts. The paper form, a manual contract signature and the postal dispatch of documents are replaced by our sustainable solution. The contract data as well as the data for identification of the contracting parties are stored securely and unchangeably on a blockchain. 

Finally, store all your contracts in our ContrAxs contract management. Themis helps you to visualise and analyse your contracts. For example, signature processes, milestone plans or notice periods can be monitored and contracts can be kept up to date in the future. 


Use Case overview

Recurring customer contracts

  • Creation, signature and management on one platform
  • Intuitive development of contract generators
  • Fast digital signature
  • Overview of all contract processes
  • Continuous analysis and simple contract management

The legal software of the future

  • Standardized contracts for your entire law firm
  • Intuitive development of contract generators
  • Collaborative editing by several lawyers
  • Digital contract negotiation with all parties
  • Automated contract analysis

Venture capital investments

  • Intuitive development of contract generators
  • Creation and signature of NDAs and term sheets
  • Standardization of shareholding agreements
  • Digital contract negotiation in real time
  • Automated visualization and management

Founding and development of start-ups

  • Contract generators from prestigious law firms
  • Further legal advice from partner law firms
  • Digital contract negotiation
  • Electronic signature of your contracts
  • Automated visualization and management

We are committed to the security of your data.

Privacy by Design

Our application has been designed in accordance with the data protection regulations of the DSGVO. Technical and organizational measures ensure the security of your data.

KYC & two-factor authentication

Your identity is protected by a know-your-customer check and an additional authentication code in addition to the login with user ID and password (2FA) via two different devices.


Your data and communications are encrypted from the moment they are entered and thus protected against access by third parties. The data transmission is TLS/SSL encrypted.

Certified servers

Our application is hosted on German, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 certified servers.

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