BlockAxs offers the digital & sustainable Contract Management of the future.

ContrAxs Vertragsmanagement innovativ

Your benefits with our platform

  • Exponential increase in efficiency
  • Independence of place, time and device
  • Sustainable and innovative work processes
  • Collaborative work instead of hundreds of emails
  • Up to 40 % higher labour productivity
  • Up to 50 % less paper consumption
  • Up to 75 % less mistakes
  • Up to 75% lower costs and 99% time savings in work processes

Let your contracts work for you!

Digital Contract management

Essential legal special functions for the creation & negotiation of legal documents. High usability adapted to your needs.

Smart contracts

Automated classification of all legal documents and visualization of deadlines by Themis. So a digital assistant is available to you at all times.

BlockAxs Toolbox


We secure your contracts in an encrypted form, transparent and verifiable for you via a blockchain. This protects your contracts even more against manipulation.

No compromise on security

Privacy by Design, TLS/SSL encryption and two-factor authentication ensure the security of your data. Our application is hosted on German ISO 27001 certified servers.

Streamline contract work and get back to adding real value

44 % time savings in contract lifecycle process duration

Save up to 369.000 paper sheets

Initial costs amortised after 2nd contract creation

Would you also like to benefit from our innovative contract management?

BlockAxs Toolbox

Document automation with ContrAxs

ContrAxs automates the creation, editing, negotiation, signature and management of your contracts. We help you throughout the lifecycle of your documents.

Our document generators are built on your contract texts and a set of questions that you can define. Based on the answers to these questions, an individualized (incl. gendering), perfectly formatted draft contract is automatically created. In this way, you will be able to create your documents in a matter of minutes in the future.

Your features and benefits:

  • Standardized contracts
  • Import your draft documents conveniently via “Copy+Paste
  • Individualization of each single document
  • Upload your own letterheads & samples
  • Intuitive user interface for efficient daily work
  • No programming knowledge required

Share your document generators with your team, other departments or clients. In this way, you make your knowledge available to others in a modern way as an on-demand solution. If you wish, we can provide you with a white-label solution.

Your features and benefits:

  • Lawyers provide the legal framework, other departments or clients access it flexibly
  • Scale your business model by publishing and selling generators in a white-label environment
  • Simple and fast access management

Negotiate your contracts online and digitally in our negotiation room. From draft to notary – you will be guided through an automated process. In the process, proposals and strategies can first be discussed privately with your own legal counsel and then sent to the other party.

Your features and benefits:

  • Live negotiation and real time text editing
  • Structured process in private and public segments
  • Audit-proof versioning and traceable negotiation progress
  • No need to check for unwanted changes
  • Clause database for ready-made text modules included

Sign your documents digitally and save resources with our electronic blockchain signature. Your contractual partners will thank you for it.

Your features and benefits:

  • Paperless signing of documents
  • Contract return within minutes
  • eIDAS compliant signature
  • More security and tamper protection for your contract data through blockchain technology
  • Lower costs and positive environmental impact due to paper and postage savings

Store, organize and edit your documents in our document management system. You, your departments, employees and clients will always have an overview.

Your features and benefits:

  • Cloud storage and self-learning document management
  • Automated document classification
  • Collaborative live editing of documents with colleagues or clients
  • Individual access management – you decide who can edit or view documents
  • Clear versioning and editing history

Let Themis, our artificial intelligence, analyze your documents. It will automatically calculate deadlines for you and remind you when they expire. Themis can also search and tabulate a large set of documents according to specific parameters.

Your features and benefits:

  • Automated extraction and presentation of important contract deadlines (e.g. termination & cancellation periods in rental contracts).
  • Further analysis and extraction of contract data according to your wishes and needs on request

Build a workflow from all or specific functions of the platform, which provides an automated overall process for all parties involved.

Your features and benefits:

  • Use one workflow to serve a variety of generators and generate (or have generated) an unlimited number of documents
  • Assign authorizations for generation processing and signature
  • Include review loops for specific work steps
  • Make authorizations dependent on analyses
  • Create a digital overall process

Use Case overview

Financial services

  • Create contracts in less than 5 minutes
  • Build a workflow for prospecting
  • Stay in control with approval processes
  • Get credit contracts back in minutes
  • Aggregate contract data automatically

Real estate

  • Create commercial leases in 8 minutes
  • Digitally negotiate real estate purchase agreements
  • Digitally sign service provider contracts in seconds
  • Automate termination management
  • Monitor construction stages and deadlines

Legal services

  • Automate contract drafts
  • Sell contract forms on demand
  • Develop new business models
  • Become a LegalTech company yourself
  • Provide a digital negotiation space

Sales department

  • Have your contracts created on demand
  • Save up to 75% of the drafting effort
  • Automate closing processes
  • Sign contracts in minutes
  • Manage payment and cancellation deadlines

Legal department

  • Save 75% of contract creation time
  • Provide an on-demand solution for colleagues
  • Manage and automate contract processes
  • Use a digital negotiation room
  • Monitor notices and deadlines

HR department

  • Digitize paper documents with OCR
  • Automate document creation
  • Reduce errors and paper usage by at least half
  • Let the workforce structure contract data
  • Manage terminations and deadlines

We are committed to the security of your data.

Privacy by Design

Our application has been designed in accordance with the data protection regulations of the DSGVO. Technical and organizational measures ensure the security of your data. In addition, all confidentiality obligations and professional regulations were observed and implemented.

two-factor authentication

Your identity is protected by an additional authentication code in addition to the login with user ID and password (2FA) via two different devices.


Your data and communications are encrypted from the moment they are entered and thus protected against access by third parties. The data transmission is TLS/SSL encrypted.

Certified servers

Our application is hosted on German, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 certified servers.

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