Founding and development of start-ups

Are you currently in the founding process? You want to legally secure your first entrepreneurial steps? You want to implement the first financing rounds? 

With ContrAxs this is easier than ever. Our platform offers all necessary tools for a complete contract cycle. 

Legal background

On the ContrAxs contract platform, renowned law firms offer various contracts for sale. Choose the contract you want and our generators will guide you through the individualization of your contracts in a few minutes. If required, you will receive individual consulting services quickly and easily from the offering law firm.

Contract Generator
Contract management collaboration

Negotiating shareholdings

As soon as you have found your first investors, you can upload your investment agreements to the ContrAxs Collaboration Room. There, the content of the contract can be negotiated and adapted together with your lawyers and the other party in real time and without time-consuming e-mail traffic.

Digitally sign and manage contracts

Sign contracts digitally and paperlessly using our electronic block chain signature. ContrAxs visualizes contract type, contract duration, notice periods and milestone plans. In the future, Themis will keep your contracts up to date with the latest legal status at all times through automated risk and error analysis.

Signature online and digital
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