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Do you have high margin pressure due to the ongoing low interest rate environment and increased competition from FinTechs? Do you therefore want to minimize costs?

This can be achieved by automating their contract processes. ContrAxs enables banks, insurance companies, leasing and factoring companies to optimize their own contract processes and thus work more efficiently and sustainably.

Document automation and workflow management

Use ContrAxs forms to create individualized term sheets, credit agreements or investment principles perfectly formatted according to your specifications within just 15 minutes. Up to now, the manual effort was on average 60 minutes. The creation time is thus reduced by 75%. You can even customize your standard NDAs or employment contracts in less than 5 minutes. Have complex documents such as brochures of any kind created by several people from internal departments, customers, or external experts in a guided overall process (workflow). Finally, build in review processes so that documents are only published if you or third parties such as a custodian bank have approved all or individual text passages.

Contract Generator
Contract management collaboration

Digital negotiation and signature

Negotiate syndicated loan agreements or asset management contracts with all parties in our digital negotiation room. ContrAxs reduces both the number of negotiation steps and their duration by 50%. All contracts can also be digitally signed in seconds. The sometimes weeks-long wait for the contract to be returned has come to an end. With our digital signature, your paper consumption is cut in half and all parties immediately gain the certainty of a settled issue.

Contract data and deadline management

ContrAxs also supports you after the conclusion of the contract by automatically reading out and visualizing relevant deadlines or other relevant contract contents (e.g. covenants) from your contracts. Have various contract data of your customers clearly summarized or tabulated. Of course, you will also be notified in good time of the expiry of deadlines and can assign tasks to your employees that are adapted to your deadlines and terms. From initial information to repayment - ContrAxs organizes your contractual relationships for you.

Contact management analysis
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