The time has come for financial markets to change and for corporate structures to become more effective and efficient. With these points we have gathered a team of experts which represents BlockAxs. With the last post we started our blog series and want to introduce ourselves first, so that you get a better view of who is running this project and who is going ahead with this vision.

In our blog we will share news, our product, technical knowledge, market assessments and legal knowledge with you and besides the news we will provide a kind of “knowledge blog” for you to advance our vision, the blockchain technology and security token.

We are looking forward to an exciting future and start now with our introduction!

Fabian Pohl

Our CEO and Co-Founder Fabian is a true digitisation enthusiast and studied Information Systems at the University of Osnabrueck and the University of Hull specialized in project management and process optimization. By reason of small internet projects and his affinity to the internet privacy he engaged in the crypto and Blockchain field early on since 2012. In addition to the technical topics, he has more and more jumped on the ICO market and was able to acquire a know-how due to many participations and evaluations.

Fabian has worked in a marketing agency and in IT Controlling. Since Fabian is well connected in the blockchain and crypto scene and because of his accumulated know-how, we are pleased to have him on board. With these skills he is the strategist in the field of financing and in the insane Blockchain world.

Dominik Müller

Dominik is our CTO and Co-Founder and the expert in technology and infrastructure. He is a real entrepreneur and studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg specialized in software development and innovative technologies. In prior he has been active as IT Consultant and Developer in a consultant company. He passed on his broad knowledge as a lecturer and tutor to the students and started early to help shape the future. He also pursues his second passion of entertainment and DJing.

Besides his programming knowledge, Dominik has wide interests in IT Systems and is passionate about data privacy and data protection. Dominik’s fervor for Blockchain began with creating use cases, holding workshops and than acting as a public speaker. Due to his skillset and the fast thinking it is an honor for every team to have such a professional person in the team.

Marcel Horndasch

Marcel is one of our CLOs and Co-Founder and has founded his first company 2014 with Ludwig. During his studies in law at the University of Bayreuth and at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, he focused on intellectual property law and competition law. Marcel worked as consultant of medium-sized companies in the position of scientific assistant of renowned Munich law firms to enhance his skills. Due to the Security Token Sale and as a legal clerk of the aforementioned law firms he has acquired expert knowledge in the areas of capital markets law, corporate law and banking law and can therefore count himself among a small circle of experts in this field.

In addition to his legal skills and entrepreneurial spirit, his second passion is American football, where he represents the Munich cowboys as a player in the Bundesliga. His skills and entrepreneurial spirit make him a perfect fit for a project like BlockAxs.

Ludwig Wolter

Ludwig, our second CLO and Co-Founder has a true entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to his first company with Marcel, he studied law at the University of Bayreuth. During his studies he focused on corporate law, company law and labour law. Ludwig worked for several legal companies to improve his skillset and increase his knowledge. As the founder of several start-ups, he understands the economic and legal relationships in a company. Our tokensale, which also enabled him to acquire expert knowledge in the areas of capital markets law and corporate law, also makes him one of this elite circle.

Through his broad knowledge and the rapid acquisition of new legal requirements such as the Security Token Sale, it is possible to successfully shape our project and makes Ludwig an indispensable part of us.

Tim Adrian

Our Head of Finance and Co-Founder Tim is most comfortable at the intersection of technology and finance. Prior and besides to BlockAxs, he is a management consultant involved in implementing and consulting on business structures, processes and digital supply chain management. His experiences range from setting up organizational structures and business processes for startups to reorganizing old structures in established corporations. His experiences range from setting up organizational structures and business processes for SMEs to reorganizing old structures in established corporations. Tim holds a M.Sc. in Technology, Operations and Processes from the University of Bayreuth.

Tim is the interface between processes and the financial coordination of the internal strategy. Due to his broad knowledge and experience he is a pure enrichment for the company.

Let’s get started. BlockAxs time is now.