BlockAxs im LegalFinTech

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Das BlockAxs Team ist wieder zurück. Wir haben einen Pivot hinter uns und haben daher viel Zeit und Mühe in unser neues Geschäftsmodell, unsere verbesserte Strategie und die gemeinsame Entwicklung des neuen Produkts gesteckt.  


The BlockAxs partnership board

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Today, we will give an introduction about our partners and their value for our system, strategy, marketing and more. First of all, it is worth mentioning that we are proud to have won such strong partners for us, which all represent a huge added value for our company.

Meet the BlockAxs core team

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The time has come for financial markets to change and for corporate structures to become more effective and efficient. With these points we have gathered a team of experts which represents BlockAxs. With the last post we started our blog series and want to introduce ourselves first, so that you get a better view of who is running this project and who is going ahead with this vision.

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